About Me

Well I have being doing SEO with good success for over 8 years and I do property designing as well good results so far and my name is Blair Urquhart as you can probably tell by my names I am from a Scottish family.

I have done work in whitehat SEO,GrayhatSEO,Blackhat SEO in general most SEO forms I have done or have good idea how to do this and you may wonder what makes me better than other people you can get for services?

  • Accountant by Trade
  • Programmer by Trade
  • Web Designer by Trade
  • I own access to links your competition will not have
  • I  have all the connections you need to get strong links of people
  • I have full time blogging staff so I  can easy make  Articles for you
  • I have a graphic designer in my Team as well
  • I have being featured in quite a few high authority blogs based on my knowledge level
  • I can build sites in wordpress,magento,joomla,shopify,full coded or all other forms with no problems
  • I can manage a server for you
  • Great skills in making money though social media or getting traffic from them
  • Guest posting is very easy for me to make happen for you

What services can you only get from me?

  1. Premium links
  2. Premium social media signals
  3. Full social media management
  4. Advice on budgeting
  5. skills to stop your site or sites getting hacked by persons
  6. Full staff from me

My Business story

I was always interested in running my own business since I was aged 5 it was something which always integrated me a great deal

I studied Business management and Accounts in school Blairgowrie High school and I did other Business courses in

Dundee College Retail Management

Angus College Accounts

RDI Business management

As you can see I have actually studied it a great amount on theory based approach

My first business was just a simple Ebay selling system I got paid between £50-£500 a month you may wonder why it always changes Ebay kind of gives you this environment a ever changing one you could have horrible week then on Saturday or Sunday you take in £200 sale it’s very fast to steady pace for selling or buying in my experience but it can lead to full time income if you are willing to go with it the reason I stopped selling on Ebay has many very rude people and got tried of always getting abuse and getting stocked by someone during a time I had foot operation I just decided enough enough I am going away from Ebay so I decided to do SEO

My first experience to it all

It was for me very confusing and hard to understand since most people were doing blogs on out of date stuff from say 2014 or earlier so had no value in me doing it or learning it next had a lot of people saying this to me” buy my course for $200 and I will teach you SEO or selling poor quality link building programs” I got fooled a few time but it did teach me a lot about how to do SEO I learned from it that having a small amount of good links is way better than having thousands of low-quality links so I ended up working less but smarter overall meaning my site ranking was overall growing fairly fast and efficient I also fairly often got emails of people saying things like this” Hi can I get guest post your site?” I was very charmed by it to get approved by other people for my sites being the good one showing it such authority now instead of just a simple site I thought it was before that happened to me

Whitehat what is this actually?

Well this kind of reminds me of like Jedi since many whitehat people believe they are fighting for good all the time doing SEO to me that’s incredibly funny since it’s business not mission to save the world and if you go into SEO according to Google all SEO work is blackhat except building a website and setting up social channels such as Facebook.twitter,tumblr,reddit or youtube.

You May now wonder how can I rank up my site using this?

Well you have do very high quality articles make them basically world class next step pay for advertising though Adwords or Facebook and you may tell me wait” I can’t afford that sort of money?” well let me level with you I can make good quality posts just pay £1 a day to promote my post then get 1000 real traffic to my site a day so max cost of £31 advertising for Facebook very little to be honest you can do cheap advertising though Adwords but for Facebook gives me better results and normally a lot cheaper

Next you may ask me how many articles do I need to do this SEO format?

To be honest you need to aim for a minimum of 3 article a week being a minimum of 500 words to 1000 words as minimum and make sure all have at least 2 photos on the post and one as the feature image so it draws in your customer and share though all your social channels as much as possible so people know about your site I have in my past being able to get 100,000 traffic to my site while it was still in the Sandbox that may sound extreme if you share giant amount no limit to how much traffic you can get from social sites a month but always stay aggressive until you get to the top .