Month: May 2021


Why it’s pointless dealing with jerks or inconfident people?

I bought a software for like $13 which would in theory allow me to have plugins or WordPress themes sounds great huh?

Problems seen

  • A lot of things don’t work
  • Keep needing a different licence for each app or software each time which was not provided
  • The website would crash or break

If most things don’t work or don’t work like they should be that means you need to in theory fix it yourself or just accept it’s broken but if you need it for some reason can get very annoying fast overall.

If you buy like two softwares of someone then remember two no issue overall but if you buy into a service which provides you like 100 or more softwares then you having to put one in each account or plugin or theme setting can get complex or unpleasant to deal with often.

Having a website crash or break can cost a business or person big money whether it’s for 1 hour or longer a like meaning if you try and sell a service which does that people or businesses are within their rights to stop paying you if you can’t get it fixed fast or ever then expect to lose a lot of customers to other business with people who can do the service or there jobs right overall.

Weather you pay big or small money a like it’s not the business person to chase you to make something work it’s your job to fix it if you can’t then pay someone who can or shutdown your operations until you can do this since most business people are often busy or doing very so don’t have time to run after many inconfident people all around the world .

When you are meant to trying to hire someone or offering a payment say it quick there is no point of fannying around expecting everyone to dance for you when you can’t even do what average 14 year old kid can well often so if you are adult and not able to do this learn how to manage or pay someone who can do it if not people will just know you as a timewaster and refuse to deal with you often which does happen to a fair amount of people I see online in a lot of cases normally

Has man in the left hand of the image ready to speak at event on the right of that with red background says"Learn about some SEO issues" with a black bottom

Some SEO issues I noticed

Pretend Directory links

The overall service was to me pretty good overall but when most if not all the backlinks seem to be nofollow overall it’s not much use as ranking boost overall and I found it a bit weird so many nofollow links. If you were trying to say get more nofollow links I guess be a good idea.

Most of the sites are just subdomain so not real sites overall so not really going to get much of benefit here for ranking uses overall.

Most of the sites have pbn style look to me so I had to inspect a few sites since many of them had similar look made me think pbn instead of an actual money site or directory here.

They do rank for some keywords but for use on client work I don’t think it a good idea.

This came from Fiverr I am not to show you the link but the other services I ordered of this person was great and to be fair the work was good but if you want directory links and get basically subdomain or pbn style directory links it may annoy you but for diversity, link building be okay I think.

Buying dangerous or illegal backlinks then getting confused when it screws you over.

I got into a chat with a guy who tried to explain to me why it was good idea to get backlinks of a site illegal videogame niche which I explained it would destroy your ranking he disagreed with me so I thought about your choice then .

1 month later he contacted me saying”Hi all my rankings gone now what can I do?” me” I already explained to you this would happen to you now you have only one thing possible you have to contact the site and probably pay them to get the link removed since from my learning Google will not allow disallow backlink to work on this site to fix the bad link juice after effects. I am not going to say the site name case people use it again but the site is still offline since it got took down under the copyright law .

Fake money sites to sell guest posts.

A lot of people or business try and pretend a pbn is money site some of them maybe be hard for you to tell if they look good quality enough but some ways you can tell include

  1. Change business for example if it was a Joinery firm before and promoted say pet food then it’s quite likely a pbn
  2. Lack of traffic shows up on Ahrefs or other software
  3. Content provides no value to the readers or site users
  4. Have no clear way it can make money from say promoting a product or service 
  5. copied or spun content
  6. Has a boring blog look to it
  7. Has Ahrefs or Moz or something else blocking the backlink information being shown to you

Make rubbish or terrible pbns

I am going to share with you some basic mistakes I see often

  • Spun or content which is not designed to help anyone
  • Cheap blog style or has clear cheap look to it
  • Call it private but sell to anyone possible
  • Show clear foot prints

Having content like this will often get a pbn found”Dear Johnny we had a good walk today what did you have for tea tonight” this is clearly content make to fill in a space instead of help a reader so that can be shown as pbn style of content overall.

Many low quality spinner software operate by just repeating words to make it look unique for example be like this”The car car car went down down the road” having the same word appeal so close has sign of low quality or being spun meaning it will be found by Google or if people report your sites as Private Blog network more easy as well.

This theme is very fast but if you have a site like this without any design or fancy features it has pbn sort of look to meaning it will be easy for many people to think it is public blog network or other pbn styles here but a good theme eitherway

If you have network it should be kept private meaning you don’t sell to like 1000 people a day only like a small amount of people say max of 20 people so it does not look like you are selling links or losing link juice as well overall.

Many foot prints exist such as

All themes same

same hosting provider

pbn style hosts

Same plugin on all sites

All sites use same SEO plugin such as Yoast or Rankmaths

use plugins known to exist on pbn such as 301 redirection was common one in the past.

SEO Expert is like a virgin claiming to be the sex master

Whenever someone says”I am SEO expert” in 95% cases it means the person knows nothing about SEO or very little in majority of cases part of why most of the smarter SEO’s stopped using the term since it has bad reputation with so many people using it to try and show skills or authority when most of them have no knowledge or tiny for example today someone called himself a SEO expert claiming he has more knowledge than a SEO who’s being doing it for over 20 years and him on just like 2 years .

If you want a business or SEO agency if they claim to be one you will probably get burned by them since it’s common related to low quality SEO or fully clueless ones in most cases