worst hosting provider I have used so far

Aug 16, 2020 SEO

Support is overall like best way to explain it someone super high on drugs since have no idea what’s going any moment of the time so they love to make up excuses to get out of sorting the problem or problems they often made themselves.

You could ask one or 100 questions the support would be just as pointless so if you have a problem with them you have to fix it yourself or move hosting like I am doing at the moment.

Claim they are fasthosting overall for the money they charge they are lot worse than the $5 hosting providers you can get for example to backup a small site from updraft it took over 10 minutes when everyone else would at most take 2 minutes for the same sort of jobs so if you are backing up you are best to leave it for a fair amount of time.

Overall loads times are often extra slow here in all my sites I tries so far I found my load time got worse overall and my Google Score often got worse than any other hosting providers as you will see here just 48 score for mobile if you had just desktop visitors it maybe okay but if you have a normal website you will get a lot of tablet or phone based traffic so be bad idea for 2020 or later on time periods overall.

By blair

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