Month: August 2020

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A quick review of

What is the main point of this software?

To allow people to articles at a faster rate by giving content ideas semi automatic for example if you take 1 hour to do a 500 word article while us using this make you do it in around 30 minutes so cut work time period by around since no research work to do yourself anymore less.

Doing research for any piece of content can in some cases take a few months or even a year to complete it depending on how much data you need to gather if you are doing something you know fully then no problem but if you don’t know the content topic area this can delay you by a large amount and maybe even annoy you to a certain amount since it can be become problematic having to stress over issues you need to put down or have to pay people to get the info for you in some cases as well.

How can we work this? Type in a keyword or keyword phase into the software then it will search for pages in reference to what you typed in then pull in the data you can use to do articles at a much faster rate.

You can use Answer assistant if you want by just coping in the code they give you and also put schema on your site by coping in the other code as well in the header part of your website quite easy

Gives you ideas like this from the question box”Cluster Impressions Position Clicks CTR Action

Trent, Stoke, Seo Company

6 Queries 248 (-14) 70 (-8) 0 (-) 0% (-) create

Semrush Seo

4 Queries 20 (-) 14 (+1) 1 (-) 1% (-) optimize Nitropack Para Que Sirve

17 (+1)

9.29 (-)

1 (+1)

5.88% (-)

Start Document

“Semrush” Keyword Or “Keyword Research” Or Kmt Or “Magic Tool” -Career -Jobs

1 (-)

7.00 (-)

0 (-)

0.00% (-)

Start Document

“Semrush” Seo Or “Digital Marketing” Or Ppc -Jobs -Resume -Employment

1 (-1)

4.00 (+3)

0 (-)

0.00% (-)

Start Document


1 Queries 0 (-) 0 (-) 0 (-) 0% (-) track

John miller Twitter image saying the Google August update was techinal glitch not a update

Google August Update or Technical Glitch 2020

I in generally normally don’t believe people who work for Google or Google in general since they lie most of the time but I think in here they are telling the truth

One thing I did notice with new sites one of the ones I built a couple of days ago has a very fast index rate so I am thinking maybe the glitch was actually done to try and fix the slow index rate most people are getting so far .

I did hear from other SEO friends many people lost a lot of rankings for example if you were rankings for say 10,000 keywords you may only be rankings for like 100 in extreme cases but I suspect the people affected in a negative way will have there rankings restored naturally fairly quick.

Good rule of the thumb to know when an update or a problem happens in the Search engines to many people it’s best to wait and see what happens before you make changes since if you make them wrong you could make your site rank for a lot fewer keywords and just, in theory, create problems you don’t need or your client does not want.

IF I learn anything more in regards to this the article will be updated sorry if it’s a bit small but overall not a lot to say at the moment from my own research or information I was giving so far.