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Jul 7, 2020 SEO

The reason I have quite a lot of skills when I was younger I could get a job more less instant in Retail or most areas fairly but once the Recession of 2008 came all the rules completely changed getting any job very hard where you have to be related to whoever owns the business or the shop manager or any kind of business if no one speak to you which kind of shocked me since before that none of these sorts of problems existed. I did become a shop manager but after that getting promotion say being area manager was next to impossible to happen then I started selling products on Ebay it blow my mind how I could get paid around £25 to £600 a month by me doing more less nothing all I did was resell products I past got for videogames or pool cue stuff.During that time I made fairly good amount of profit from it all I became friends with guy who was one of the biggest domain sellers in the world he taught me SEO so give me like 2 domains for free I used that to rank up my first it was more just training exercise than me making money overall.
After that I became friends with a Russian guy who basically told me I should use my programmer skills to overtake my competitiors so I followed his advice then I reprogrammed Scrapebox so it could find me Web 2.0 at 1000 times faster than it could for everyone else so I started registering a lot of web 2.0 I had a big network. Next a Pakistani guy asked me to teach him SEO while that was going on we agreed to work on Adsense sort of stuff since I knew SEO at a fairly advanced level compared to others all I did was he basically done articles while that was going on I would send a lot of backlinks to a site fast. This does not work anymore but at the time Event Blogging could easy generate you between £200 to £2000 within 4 days. For me I would spend around a max of 10 hours on each site then wait up to check my account then find out I took over big traffic amount and got high end sales.
Even when the event was actually done I would still generate throughout the year around £10 to £50

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