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Jul 1, 2020 SEO

Good parts First

  • Free hosting for 1 year
  • Different userface which you may enjoy to not use Cpanel here
  • WordPress Tools this can be useful if you can’t get into your site for whatever reason to me that is actually a must here since I find because of the URL system they use you need this or you would have to delete your WordPress then reinstall it .

Bad Parts now

  • They give you a weird url for logging in which can make indexing things into a nightmare and confuse people without technical knowledge or website designer background like this forcing you into the setting into the WordPress part and general area then change the url back to how your website meant to look like first ever time had to do that with server to date.
  • The site was offline when I was not offline found that many times after just around 1 month with them so when he threatened to remove my sites it did not bother me since I was going to leave or stop using it either way.
  • Each website seems to require you to fully install like new server setup in a website I found a bit pointless way to run things overall since just giving the user more work overall then select your package on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Quite slow with no images or pictures on one of my sites through took 3 seconds to load they have a Caching build in seems not very good overall for how fast it should make a website

Would I recommend this host?

No since they always make problems for you if you just doing website as hobby then they maybe okay but if you want to make any real money online you could not trust this webhost for poor services overall

By blair

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