Month: July 2020


Just article about how I got into SEO

The reason I have quite a lot of skills when I was younger I could get a job more less instant in Retail or most areas fairly but once the Recession of 2008 came all the rules completely changed getting any job very hard where you have to be related to whoever owns the business or the shop manager or any kind of business if no one speak to you which kind of shocked me since before that none of these sorts of problems existed. I did become a shop manager but after that getting promotion say being area manager was next to impossible to happen then I started selling products on Ebay it blow my mind how I could get paid around £25 to £600 a month by me doing more less nothing all I did was resell products I past got for videogames or pool cue stuff.During that time I made fairly good amount of profit from it all I became friends with guy who was one of the biggest domain sellers in the world he taught me SEO so give me like 2 domains for free I used that to rank up my first it was more just training exercise than me making money overall.
After that I became friends with a Russian guy who basically told me I should use my programmer skills to overtake my competitiors so I followed his advice then I reprogrammed Scrapebox so it could find me Web 2.0 at 1000 times faster than it could for everyone else so I started registering a lot of web 2.0 I had a big network. Next a Pakistani guy asked me to teach him SEO while that was going on we agreed to work on Adsense sort of stuff since I knew SEO at a fairly advanced level compared to others all I did was he basically done articles while that was going on I would send a lot of backlinks to a site fast. This does not work anymore but at the time Event Blogging could easy generate you between £200 to £2000 within 4 days. For me I would spend around a max of 10 hours on each site then wait up to check my account then find out I took over big traffic amount and got high end sales.
Even when the event was actually done I would still generate throughout the year around £10 to £50


How to price yourself out the market?

You may not know this but a lot of people who outsource work to say Asia do it because they can’t afford to hire native people for example most SEO only make sales of between $0 to $2000 a month so if you are expecting to charge say more money as native people most people will not hire to you .

Here how this story started an Indian group contacted me offering me SEO services which are more expensive than if I hire out to a British based SEO services since I could get all the services they offer very easy from India for like 5% of the costs or from British SEO agency for around 25% to 50% less if you are wanting to charge people more than the native people no one will generally want to hire your group the point of outsourcing is to save money nothing else .

In a Western country these costs which are way bigger than most other countries in Asia or other poorer themed countries normally

Rent or mortgage cost
Food or drinks
Office expenses
Travel costs
Government related things

That means if someone has to pay someone $1000 on expenses out of $2000 that only leaves $1000 for other things such as say $500 for SEO services and say $500 profit so that it, not a lot of money if your other expenses go up meaning if you are charging the same as a Western company or more they will probably not outsource to you since you killed over the attraction to save money.

If you come from money such as rich parents then paying $10,000 or more for things may seem like small money but if you are not from money then expecting people to pay you big money is not likely to happen.

The costs of rankings up a website have gone up and up as a whole for example 7 years ago you could have ranked up a website for low to medium for like $100 a month now to do the same cost like $2000 a month for SEO services meaning if someone can save say $200 or more a month to outsource to this could allow them to pay native people later on or if they like you enough employ you for more money later on.

The basic costs for SEO work like this on a small scale month bills to pay

Ahrefs $100
Semrush $100
Hosting $20
Article costs$100
Other software costs $50
buying links $200

If you make sales of say $1000-$570=$430 so as you can see here not much money left for things if your link costs go up to more than makes you have just $330 left so as you can see here being a SEO on a small scale is hard so if you can outsource work to be somewhere where you pay someone like $3 a hour or so this can allow you to become successful later on but you want to be paid like $50 hour then Western people will probably not pay you since attraction gone now.

One final bit to add in.

I know a lot of people claim all Western people are millionaires or very rich that is not true plenty of people have big debts or not much money for whatever reasons .


My review of

Good parts First

  • Free hosting for 1 year
  • Different userface which you may enjoy to not use Cpanel here
  • WordPress Tools this can be useful if you can’t get into your site for whatever reason to me that is actually a must here since I find because of the URL system they use you need this or you would have to delete your WordPress then reinstall it .

Bad Parts now

  • They give you a weird url for logging in which can make indexing things into a nightmare and confuse people without technical knowledge or website designer background like this forcing you into the setting into the WordPress part and general area then change the url back to how your website meant to look like first ever time had to do that with server to date.
  • The site was offline when I was not offline found that many times after just around 1 month with them so when he threatened to remove my sites it did not bother me since I was going to leave or stop using it either way.
  • Each website seems to require you to fully install like new server setup in a website I found a bit pointless way to run things overall since just giving the user more work overall then select your package on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Quite slow with no images or pictures on one of my sites through took 3 seconds to load they have a Caching build in seems not very good overall for how fast it should make a website

Would I recommend this host?

No since they always make problems for you if you just doing website as hobby then they maybe okay but if you want to make any real money online you could not trust this webhost for poor services overall