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Can I beat a million Pound Business in rankings?

how i ranked my first site 

Well let me first talk about the first ever site I got please note when I build this I had no idea what SEO was and I got fooled by many in the SEO selling me crap programs guaranteeing to bring me to the first page of Google or always people selling SEO courses who nothing of value about SEO

I targetted a niche which was dominated by businesses who have million of pounds for advertising and I was very poor when I first started SEO so let’s be fair my first idea was stupid but do you know what I found out today?” My site is more less on the first page of Google for my toughest keyword of the site it took me a lot of work, but you can beat the big boys if you are willing to keep working when life gets tough for yourself 

You are probably now wondering how did I actually do this against the odds?

keyword photo - Can I Beat A Million Pound Business In Rankings?

Well, I spent lots of time learning from the right people such as  and Matt Diggity case you don’t know them both are  very talented SEO person swho teaches a lot of very wise things which can easy make you more money a month or year and boost your client sites a like.

You need to learn a lot but please never do this it happens to many even me if happened to a lot of us spend all day learning and no taking action if you get to this stage take break from learning and put a site online or do work on your own site with your new learning in your mind ready for you release it and go up the rankings

I basically built all kinds of links in the world to site such as

Image links to places like Pinterest, Instagram,Weheart they overall don’t provide much link juice in my experience but do give diversity and also give you more traffic and if you work these sites right can easy turn into big money making sites for you.

Directory links 

You probably think “wait these always spammy or low quality” wrong they can be that way but you need them, in general, to give your site a local reference and if you are willing to pay money for directory links they can be high-quality ones and even lead to more traffic a week or a year.

Guest post links 

You can get these though paying people to get them for you or get them by networking which I do a lot of the time on Facebook and other sites you may now say” hi that takes so much work right?” wrong you can spend as little or as much time as you want on it’s your choice I have friend who makes $80,000 a year using purely Facebook groups and networking methods yes it can be done if you are keen to work at it hard or more money than my friend but you need to remember as well you will get rejection of people sometimes but don’t always worry more sites for you to try and remember email marketing is very important now for getting guest posts or LinkedIn and few other sites as well

Private blogs Network? 

Well here the honest truth about using them some can be incredible or okay or terrible it always depends each time on who you use for this service you want to use it or if you do the work yourself then it is full time running it so if you are one person team it might not be suitable for you but if you can outsource the work it can be great, but you must be hiding from Ahrefs, Majestic,Moz and other programs for finding backlinks I would say having bots blocked from your sites is an in way could be used as foot print by Google to find out your networks.

Public Blogs Network 

They can be good or okay or terrible like the other form the main difference is people can find your site more easy on programs such as ah refs so you will get more traffic than the other ones what can easy happen is that your site ends up to busy you decide to turn into a real money site then make good money from the site and look at it from Google thoughts if it’s showing as public one can Google honestly tell every time? The answer is no.” width=”560″ height=”315″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>

Video links 

Well let me honest here if you get to the top of youtube you can get a crazy high amount of traffic and sales because of Youtube traffic remember it’s the second biggest search engine in the world so you need some videos to get traffic I would say aim for a minimum time of 2 minutes but you may now think ” Hi can’t make a video I am to shy?” there is many different video programs which allow graphic to replace you if you are shy in that area so don’t sweat about it and remember view time is the biggest ranking factor on youtube so make sure you do a lot social sharing to get people watching your videos often

Infographic links 

These links will not do much to rank up site but remember infographic can lead to big traffic if it’s attractive and smart I have found that myself a few times on sites and you can use infographic directory sites to give you some link juice unless you are in serious uncompetitive niche it will do little to improve your ranking you will probably notice nothing

profile links  

These links will not do a lot to rank up your site, but they give you a more authority feel to Google since it proves to them are you a real person or real business instead of some unknown person they never know of it can also lead to more traffic if you get involved in the site

Social media links 

You probably here from the other so called SEO gurus they don’t help your ranking big wrong they do here why social signals have being proved by me to improve the rankings of your site and Google does actually check them to see if all your backlinks can be justified so if you have 1million backlinks made fast and no social signals Google going to index your site or give you penality so always get involved in getting social shares, Facebook likes retweets you should be using these sites to give you traffic as well when I had a site stuck in the sandbox for a while I managed to get up to 100,000 using purely social sites for traffic, so it does work well.

Author links these can be serious powerful if you can get them on the right sites but unless you do a lot of blogging for other people you might not get many of them overall but don’t worry to much about this kind of links

Here a type of link some don’t know say you make a theme today you can easy put your own site link on all the sites say you give it away for say you get 1000 people to download your site 1000 links is not bad for building a theme you can easy pay someone $50 or wee bit more to get this done for you

Say you build a program nothing stopping you leaving a backlink on the profile and using to get traffic to your site from it or help to get your program shared more which if you do it right lead to more sales or traffic a link.


Let me tell you something many people don’t know many of these you can get for free contain good quality link juice since many of them are owned by giant business so if you get backlink of it can help you rank up but please remember to treat it like a real website to so

High-quality articles
interesting facts
could put on the infographic
you can also turn them into a powerful landing page I know of some who did this before
more you do the more traffic you will get in general
themes can be important since you do want to make it look good
You can buy full accounts on them so you can do more my reason for not doing this I can buy full website hosting for a lower price so for me it was not needed overall
Forum links 

Here the real story with them for me they overall provide you very little ranking boost but if you want to do forums right get involved with the people so they know who you are don’t try and spam your links like crazy many do that and fail in general you should put your link on show as little as possible here or when needed some will give you profile where you can put in your link without problems .

EDU or Educational Links 

Here the story of it they don’t do much to improve your ranking overall the only time you would be expected to have lot’s if you have education site if so get a good amount of them if not don’ go crazy getting them. You can easy get many for free without many works some people will say things to like pay me $80 or more these links to me it’s not worth buying since give you so little link juice.


These should normally come from government owned links you can get them for free by sometimes simply joining the site , or you need to network with someone who has authority on the site, but I would not buy these kinds since to me it’s not really worth it or not needed to me overall

Comment backlinks

Do blogging comment help a site to rank?

Many people do claim that to be true but in reality it does not help in rankings

Think about this we can all easily make comments anywhere normally on sites so if we could do that would that not be so easy to spam it like crazy? Google knows this for why they don’t count them as something to improve site rankings
You would also only get a little amount of it even if it did help rank say you post on somewhere with 1000 comments all have backlinks, so you get 1 out of 1000 of the link juice you could have got so not much here at all.

People in the past used to do things like this to try and make sites seem popular put like 50 comments on the site think about this if they all sound very similar what does that tell us?” probably made by the same person or same group so less important.”

What tests did I do myself actually?

Well I used a made-up word of “vialonartatvhpsori ” this had no competition so a good word to pick so anyway I went over high-quality sites I send link juice to my site though purely comment links over 2 weeks I got no ranking boost at all you may now say but hi I did you would only get a ranking boost if you did other SEO forms doing comment linking gives you ranking benefit the only benefit it can give you if you post on a very popular site you can get traffic from it .

Blackhat SEO methods? with demon and black ground

Can we make big money from full on Blackhat SEO methods?

1. Have a server on an Oil ring so no copyright issues can be done to your site
2.Strong server
3.Have the ability to code well
4.Be Creative
5.get paid from non-Adsense methods such as Amazon
6.Sexually themed advertisement can work very well here
7.Full coded site so you can get maximum speed from it
8.lot’s of content
9.Lots of images
10. You will need to do a lot of SEO work to get to this kind of level since a lot of the keyword will have competition of bigger businesses so to make this you will need to be willing to put in serious money for investment into this business for it to work well for you” allowfullscreen=””>


work on this site

You will need to be able to fully code to do or pay someone to do this kind of work since it will be a full-time career you would best to hire a group to design it and full-time group of people to maintain for it you say, 5 people and you will need to manage them well since doing this kind of work will require a good management approach since all parts of this need to be done fully right or can cause you to loss money such as you need to have in place the right coding to force people to click your advert links, so you get paid though this, and you need to have adverts showing up in real form as well for the Amazon ones and the sexually themed adds.

You will need to work strongly on your Facebook page and other social channels but please note if Facebook see’s you putting copyright things they can easy disable your account or block whatever you are doing so you would best to use a bit of sense and just show movie photos which come from legal sources, so no problem come up there it will be overall quite hard always to do that but if you are willing to do it can workout for you .

Email marketing you can do this by getting people to subscript to your mailing list it can workout very good way to get traffic you are willing to mail them about new movies you can do this by automatic to make it easier for you to manage it in general automatic can be used for this kind of site it does not matter so much since people are on it to watch tv shows or movies, so they actually want to hear about it, so they know about a new thing to watch on the site in other forms people want more related email if you are trying to get them.

High-quality guest posts or pbns will be needed here for a lot of the links since you will be up against people with good budgets for links and other SEO services, so you need to be willing to get a lot of them either by asking people for guest posts or buying pbns links or building your own pbn networks, please note you would need quite a large network to get a good place on search engines in this kind of SEO competition area.

The brand name

Want to see the real power of Branded URL’S?

For one of my sites, I get the minimum of traffic of 144,780 a month sound good to you?

Well here how I did it all the outside URL work you need to do is branded URL like this Bestsecompaniesin or does URLs like this tells search engines you are wanting to be a brand or authority which has being proved by many to give you more authority than the exact match method in the long term using keyword match domains does make you rank faster, for your target keywords, but once you do you normally reach the problem of it not making much sense to others if you target other keywords since you have domain meant for one keyword, not 100 or more with branded domain you can do that with them

You will need to aim to get real high-quality backlinks you can get it from guest posting places often don’t worry about this problem ” everybody needs money for guest posts?” to be honest no it’s fairly easy to get free guest posts if you are willing to network.

Network works like this play it cool means be relaxed just email everybody like this do a bit of friendly chatting I would recommend at least 2 months make sure you speak to the person like he or she is your friend fas a good minimum now you are both like buddies approach them and ask them this” Hi I was really impressed with how you run your site with the high-quality articles you do and I am learning more every day of the week from you would you be kind enough to let me guest post a high-quality article on your site about networking?” you will probably find out the person will give you link of that means to say you were on page 3 for your keyword you could easily be on page 2 or 1 and be ranking for many other keywords sound a lot better than building say 20 pbn sites yourself?

Budget for guest posting if you want to buy them for faster results

It can cost anything from $5 to anything even $100,000 backlink rent cost that may sound crazy high, but if you are in the real high competition area, this is the kind of money you need to be willing to spend on some backlinks.

You might know this, but in Google, eyes Branded URLs are the most natural way to do SEO work if you do SEO right all your work should come across as natural as possible more less.

I doubt many of you will know this is if you do branded URL right people will type in your brand name as actual keyword so it could be worth basically unlimited amount of people it could be anything from like 10 to say 1 million traffic to it day depending on how you build up the brand you can easy do it but the work load from it can be hard to handle for many different people .

Why I join sites to research niches

Why I join sites to research niches?

Well, I did quite a lot of research into the dating area since I know lots of money can be

made in this area online and I know you may now think” Hi I need lots of money to beat other dating sites?” No there is like 1000 different dating areas you can rank up I have seen plenty of sites ranking on top of Google for keyword area which would make at least £500 a month with only 100 low quality backlinks so you could easy built a dating site today get 30 directory links for it and say 20 cheap guest posts and beat this site and have a site that now makes £500 a month for you

How to know if you found an easy to beat site?

The first step look at the site if it says not being updated in a while then you know the person doing work has probably lost interest in it either short-term or long-term

Second step look at the backlink profile we can use ahrefs or majestic your choice both great tools to checkout the links of the site if it has low links or not many you can easy beat it but remember some of them will have hiding pbn networks, and some of them could be big.

Step three Budget how much do you have for the project if you say have £500 then you can easy beat the lower competition sites if not you can still do this, but you will need to work on getting free guest posts or building site networks to boost up your site authority and rankings.

Step four you need to decide what format you want it you can easy do it on WordPress.

Step Five how much content do you need on this it’s really your option you could do simply a blog page which keeps on getting updating which members can fill, in for you or just one page on a site is good enough, or you could do none for a dating site it’s not really needed here lots of content

Step six you need a good quality brand you can make it look dirty or not depend on your niche you are targeting since both can be good or okay or bad depending on who you are targeting for your niche ideas.

Step Steven you can include videos if you want and can be dirty or standard depending on what you want.

Step Eight you can sell dating related things on it though Amazon and many other groups or make money purely from Adsense it’s really your choice, but in general, this area is one of the highest payers of commission if you get accepted by the right group

Blue backbook style of colour with black phone with instagram style of image in it

Why do many people have problems doing Facebook advertising?

  1. No plan
  2. Buy fake Facebook likes of people of say Fiverr
  3. Keep getting told lies
  4. Never take action No plan fails because people then keep on trying and trying new things in the hope of one thing working in a lot of cases all that happens you waste a lot of time and money you can fix by having a plan right up a good way to do social media is to do a lot of sharing on your social pages or profiles the more you share in general the more traffic you will get you can use videos or photos to increase the number of people coming from your social channels to your sites, but in general the more you share, the better overall.

You build a site today, and it has to say 10,000 likes you brought of someone on say fiverr.

Does this look natural?
No it does not and in general Google can workout fairly well if someone has real likes or fakes since they will pay attention to what traffic or likes you are getting from this site, and if you loss 2,000 of them in short space of time the search engine will then have a clear sign it is not real likes mean they will devalue the likes you have.

Whenever you do a post on Facebook around 12% of the people who like your page before will see this so if all your people are fake that means none of them will take action on your posts meaning you have no chance to get sales or traffic from this social site because all the people who saw it was bots or fake people .

When your page does actually growth itself popular and has real likes and real traffic going to it you still suck with the fake people who like your page since they will still be shown so never buy fake likes for any of your sites since you are creating a problem and paying for it.

Online you can find many different people telling you a range of different ideas and people selling courses about social media when I went into studying this before myself I found overall no one told the truth about how you do it they make it out you need to pay a Market manager with lots of experience and pay that person a high wage who will then make you big money in reality in a lot of cases people you find who claim to be experts will not be any good and you will just be wasting money using them and they often come with a big expense on your part such as they might want you to pay them to say £100 a day or more money, so you pay this money and you get no sales or money from this is a common problem people have since everybody claims they are expert on anything when in reality no nothing except the words “Social Media”

Never Take action this can happen for many different reasons such as people simply don’t have time to do the work or no interest in doing the work if that happens to you can overcome it by simply taking a bit of time off from it or hire Bestsecompaniesin   to do it for you.

Just a image showing the words"What makes a good click though title? with Read on the right with web screen of the right on it

What makes a good click though title?

People who search for information in search engines in a lot of cases are in patient so how can we use this to advantages?

We can put power words in such as today, now,2017, fast SEO results.

By putting these sort of ways into your blog titles will lead to more people clicking on your adverts many people when they do blogs forget that the title s the most important part of the blog if the Title does not make the person take action it’s likely the person will leave and never go back to your site.

I have copied the details from Adwords to show you how you can get killer ideas from Adwords for free for improving your blog titles.

(Indian Takeaway, Buffet Avaliable For Lunch £5.99, Home Catering, Wedding Party
Dine-In · 20+ Experienced Chefs · Indian Buffet)

Let’s talk about why this is a great title for drawing people in tells us the type of Food and it’s buffet and the prices and it can be used for events such as Wedding and has 20 experienced chefs so if we were interested in having some Indian food it provides us all the details we need for eating with friends or wedding or other events all the details are proving for us in Plain English .

We should, in general, do titles which relate to people in an easy way for them to understand and make it, so the person is persuaded to click through your site because what they see related to them if you can make your titles make people take action easier you will get better sales and more traffic to your site a lot easier.

People often want the latest news appearing first on whatever they type into Google say for today we could put the title of “SEO News October 20, 2017 ” by putting this title it tells the person it is the latest SEO news at the moment so the most up to date news so if someone saw that today they would be much more likely to be willing to read whatever was put on the blog about Google news.

In Google, if you type (funny ferrets) you will see a photo of a ferret sticking his tongue out consider this for why you make photos relate as well to your sites , in this case, the reason for why this is funny is because it’s actually very hard to get a still photo of ferret unless he’s asleep and getting one with his tongue out is a real tough one to get so provides us with a funny feel to this photo.

I type into Google “buy footballs.”

This is a keyword phrase to see how people using AdWords are going for simple but effective tags to get more sales

The title they picked is”Footballs Online – Wide Selection of Footballs‎
” This tells a possible customer that they have basically any type of Football they could want whether it’s Nike or another brand of ball they have it. They also put are”Out stock is the one of the most comprehensive avaiable on the internet.Shop . This means they are basically telling people it’s the best you could get for football online and shop now is action word phase means for the possible person who sees it to click though to the site and buy a football having action themed words do lead to more sales or more traffic

Want I want you to take from this blog is how buying having action based keywords on metag or titles will lead to you getting more sales or traffic

keyword research type of diagram

What is SEO?

A lot of people ask this kind of question all the time and get in a lot of cases the wrong information since so many different people tell lies on the subject or say out of date information.

The goal of Google is to get the best site on the top of Google to keep making them money which is why they must keep on testing sites to see if the site on the top has many people taking action on it or not if many people leave your site fast then Google can easily lower your rankings but if people stay on your site longer then Google can improve your rankings for keywords or keep you on the top space.

The biggest Ranking factor in Google is backlinks, so if you don’t have any backlinks you will have very little chance to rank in the search engines for competitive terms but it is still possible to rank if you go after low authority terms which will have no competition or the competition so small a better-made article will outrank the competition .

Social signals
A lot of people keep claiming they don’t help to improve a site rankings but that is not true it can help you improve your rankings because Twitter is a site which has lots of traffic and lots backlinks attached to it so if you get twitter signals coming from popular accounts it tells Google your site has good quality content on it which sends a signal to them to improve your rankings on Google.

Facebook can send you a giant amount of traffic, and you may not know this, but Google does actually monitor a site Facebook page to check out how popular the site is say someone builds a site today and over the first week they have 2000 backlinks and no Facebook likes or other social signals this tells the search engines it never came the links naturally so in a lot of cases the site will get there site put back into the sandbox or stay in the sandbox or get Google penalty

Tumblr has for a lot of people lost its big appeal for people using it as a good way to rank in the search engines the reason for why so many people were in the past building giant Tumblr networks, so Tumblr decided to turn all the tumblr backlinks from dofollow to nofollow this why this site all from a ranking viewpoint provides people with little benefit but it can still send people traffic if they are willing to work on the Tumblr account enough.

On page SEO this covers a lot of different things such as the speed of the site a lot of people struggle with getting the site to load fast the main things people do when it comes to WordPress site they install a giant amount of plugins on a small server say you have shared server you have 100 plugins on it at the moment in a lot of cases this will cause the server to simply shut down or cause it give you very slow speed on a shared hosting to the maximum plugins you should use are 10 to 20 plugins, and you have to include as well many plugins themselves alone can slow your site down by even 5 seconds and if you are experiencing a slow site this is a key area to look into.

Images are must on websites, but in a lot of cases people don’t compress them you have many different ways you can do it you can manually do it but if you have a big site this will take a giant amount of time or you can automatic by using image compression software like this will improve the speed of your site by a significant amount in a lot of cases.

Themes can prove a nightmare for many different people if they use the wrong one here why in a lot of cases themes have a lot of things you don’t need in such as a built-in social sharing part which slows your site down by 3 seconds or contact form which slows you down by 4 seconds so on this theme before we do any work on it we are in 7 seconds, so we have 2 options keep trying hard to make it work and spending all the time trying to work on it but the best opportunity is picking another theme the most critical part of the theme is the load time it gives you whether it looks bad does not overall matter as much as you think since you can easily make a theme look nice with photos, videos, articles,

Many sites still don’t have AMP so wanted to cover this as well. What AMP does it allows people websites to load at a much faster rate you may not know this but a site can still load very slow on someone mobile phone, so AMP was designed as a way to give people on the slow internet a very fast way to load a website page. This photo shows you how it normally looks a simple themed developed purely on the basic of making a website page load at a very fast rate and these type of sites now are on the front page of Google for different keywords, so this is now in full action, but many people are not using AMP.

Phone with all the Social media apps showing up

Social media marketing solutions for small businesses

Learn How To Successfully Use Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a great tool for small business owners to appeal to a larger audience while gaining feedback on goods or services. Because it’s easier to respond directly to patrons, a relationship can be easily built. Read the tips in this article so you can use Facebook marketing to the best of your ability.

If you don’t have time to maintain a Facebook page for your business, you can still use Facebook for marketing. Facebook provides ads on their site which can easily be hyper-targeted towards your exact target demographic, from their sex and age to their likes and dislikes, making your campaign hyper-successful, too.

If you are using Facebook to market your business, make sure that you completely fill in the “about” section. This is a great way to communicate what your business is about. It is also an excellent area to put in contact information, locations, phone numbers and other helpful information about your business.

Hold a giveaway promotion to get more followers. Freebies should be given to lose who have either “liked” your business’s Facebook page or signed up to your mailing list. You will not be out a lot of money, but you will gain the ability to communicate with more people than ever before.

Make regular posts on your Facebook page. Setting up a page, putting in multiple posts on the first day, and then ignoring the page for the next several months will do nothing to improve your business. Set up a schedule for posting that meets your business’s purpose for the Facebook page, and stick to it.

Do not create postings that are far too long. While you may have a ton of information to share, nobody will want to wade through 1,000 words to get to the point. Try to keep all of your postings as short as possible, but make sure they are well-written. You want people to be able to grasp the main idea.

Don’t think of your fans as numbers. That’s a big no-no in Facebook marketing. You aren’t collecting numbers, you are building brand champions. You are creating a community of people who love your company or brand. Treat them with the respect that they are due. These people can make a difference for your company.

There are plenty of resources you can use to learn more about Facebook marketing but keep in mind that the methods recommended by Facebook marketing gurus might not be adapted to your target audience. Learn as much as possible about Facebook marketing and choose the methods that seem to be adapted to your audience.

Always allow comments on your Facebook page. Sure, you may get some inappropriate content, but if you don’t allow it, your fans will think you don’t care.

Organize a contest on Facebook. You should encourage your subscribers to tag you in one of their updates, for instance to share a picture of the product they bought or a review of a product. Give a free product to the entry that receives the most votes so contestants encourage their friends to vote on their entry.

When using Facebook for marketing purposes, always maintain a high degree of professionalism. No matter how much you’d like to respond with an emotional viewpoint to customers, it’s always best to keep your personal opinion out of it. Act the same way you would if the customer were right there in your office.

Encourage two-way communication with your customers. If a customer posts a great photo of your product or service, share it with everyone. Also take advantage of the Reply feature getting rolled out to respond directly to particular comments on an individual basis. Facebook allows for both group and individual communication simultaneously.

Make your Facebook page consistent with your other media. As with any kind of marketing, individual efforts rarely pay off. Try to integrate your marketing as much as you can. Try to make the look and feel, messaging, etc. consistent across all platforms that you use. For instance, your email newsletters, Twitter feed, website, and Facebook page should all be similar to each other. This can boost the success of your campaign.

Just because you have lots of subscribers, doesn’t mean you are successful. You should focus on targeting Facebook users who are likely to purchase your products or share your content with their friends. The key barometer of your campaign’s success is that all-important conversion rate.

Tone is much more difficult to discern in a Facebook post than in verbal conversation. Keep this in mind when you write posts. Post quality information that your followers will want to read; otherwise, they may lose interest in your page.

Avoid using images on your Facebook page that are generic. Many brands post stock photos and pictures of the business logo. While having one or two pictures like this is acceptable, people want to see real photos. You should also encourage users to post their relevant photos on your page.

Facebook contests should not be thought of as a method of attracting more customers. Instead, you should consider them as a way of engaging current ones. The new traffic drawn by a contest is probably not going to stick around. They only signed up to win something. Develop a campaign that rewards your customers for their loyalty.

You want to show people that you are a real person, so make sure that you link your Facebook business page to your profile. In the section where you are allowed to add administrator’s information, place a link to your personal page. You don’t have to accept anyone you don’t feel comfortable adding, but it will let people know you are real.

Because of the ability to use mixed-media posts, “share” and comment on pages, and create a dialogue between the patrons and the business, Facebook marketing is a powerful tool. Tapping into the power of Facebook can make it easier to appeal to a wider, more varied audience. Remember these tips for your benefit!