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Before we dive in, it’s important to note that every SEO professional has their own opinion and what follows are just mine, though I believe them to be shared by others I know, respect, and speak with on panels at search marketing conferences from time to time. No doubt others will vehemently disagree, but hey that’s OK too.

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Hey Ray, Personally, I think if the content isn’t providing useful information to visitors, then it shouldn’t be there. However, if you’re going to hide content behind tabs, make sure it’s as different as possible. You don’t want to put the same content on two pages let alone 20. -Peter Reply

Content, content. It’s the kingpin of the internet and all SEO efforts. We mentioned text spinners before and whilst a small proportion of these can be effective, it’s still a very dodgy idea to use them. To illustrate, I’m going to take some of the text from this article and put it into a free, online text spinner to show you the results.

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If you do suck at black hat SEO, or just do it to make money and suck at it, well you’re a very, very special type of SEO. You, my friend, are an asshat SEO. Asshat SEOs aren’t SEOs at all, but they make money using our techniques while making the rest of us look bad.

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Hi Brad, thanks for reading. I agree, I think it’s wise to avoid any technique that could be considered grey or black hat, just not worth it.

Hi Neil,I want to re-define my site for Health tips in hindi. I had already bought an expired domain, which is around 5 years old, and I wanna 301 redirect it to my new domain. So, will this SEO tactics help me to boost my website’s traffic too?

What is Gray Hat SEO? Most search engine optimization experts fall somewhere in the category of “gray hat” SEO. They follow the rules search engines provide as to best SEO practices, but they are continually pushing the envelope and exploring the “gray” areas of SEO. They bend the rules for the benefit of their clients without usually breaking them. Gray hat SEO’s are not black hat, nor are they lily white hat either. A typical gray hat SEO will earn some inbound links, and buy others. Buying links is considered a no-no by search engines, but SEO’s do it anyway – mainly because they must. Money will change hands but all in the name of high quality content and a beneficial search experience for users. This differs from black hat SEO’s who care nothing for search experience in favor of the best rankings possible in the shortest period of time.

(Even though we’re specifically talking about articles here, you can apply this idea to any page on your website — homepage, about page, contact page, etc. The ranking benefits will be the same.)

Hi Mwema, the use of invisible text used to be a very popular SEO tactic back in the day. Until Google started penalizing it. And it used to work great too, especially when keyword stuffing was still the norm

I’m referring primarily to grey hat techniques. These are techniques that can give you a slight advantage, but may not follow Google’s guidelines 100%. This means there could be some risk involved, albeit a low one. These are not to be confused with black hat techniques, which can give you an even greater competitive edge, but carry a very large risk.

Justin Neil, I see you do not use meta description or alt image tags in your blog. Is there a specific reason why you are doing that, as all seo books I have read say those are two important on page seo tactics that can improve your ranking.Reply

In this website, we will be discussing topics regarding the cores of SEO and the best practices and strategies of the post Panda and Penguin era. There are a lot of people who practice search engine optimization. Others use it as an arsenal for their personal websites while most of the search engine optimizers study and practice SEO for getting a decent salary from online businesses. SEO is much more of a sector in the internet world. It’s some kind of a business inside the internet marketing region. Digital marketing strategists and practitioners all over the world like do some quirky stuff on how to improve Google ranking, SEO services on how to increase website traffic using different methods and strategies with their SEO quotes. All search engine experts are usually driven by motives and ideologies. Ideologically speaking, SEO is divided into three parts: White hat  Gray Hat  Black Hat  These practices will be tackled down into a more intricate level within this site.

Tapan kumar Useful information and great tricks for SEO, yeah these all are risky to some extent but in myview SEO is a process of new experimentation, and from experimentation might we get some techniques to create reform in SEO process.Great information sir..Reply

Some grey hat techniques are almost as old as the Internet itself. For example, you might purchase customer email addresses from a third-party, such as a supermarket or department store, so that you can send unsolicited messages. Another technique is “greenwashing,” such as when your company purchases hybrid vehicles so that you can call your company a green, or environmentally friendly, business.

It was quite a wake up call, and for awhile it was pretty embarrassing to talk about as an SEO. It’s been almost four years since my first Google slap, and in the weeks, months and years following the first one, I would intermittently lose rankings on other sites that I was playing around with or running tests on. It mostly came down to being new to the field and using techniques that were in the realm of over-optimization. Looking back, and after talking to hundreds of SEOs over the course of the last few years, I’ve discovered that almost every Internet marketer has induced a rankings penalty at one point in their life. It used to just be part of the job. We would test the limits, and then pull back.

There have been a lot of scare stories relating to guest posting and if this constitutes buying links, but if no cash is exchanged, then this is irrelevant. However, links can be exchanged for sponsorship of events (for example) and this is OK too.

There are two forms of black hat SEO. It can get very confusing because they are never really clearly separated by definition. Also, depending on which space or vertical you work in, both forms of black hat SEO can mean very, very different things.

Now, since a site can even be removed from the index, if found using these tactics. Does this make these tactics bad? Does this make black hat SEO evil? Not at all, as we discussed it is merely a tactic.

What Is Hummingbird? Hummingbird is the chosen name for the most recent search algorithm update of Google. The search algo update was named after the hummingbird since it signifies ‘swiftness and accuracy’.  How It Affects SEO Apparently, if you didn’t done something horrible before the update then there would be nothing to worry about. If you have noticed some disturbances in your current ranking keywords do not be one sided and put all the blame to the hummingbird update. There may be minor and major updates aside from Hummingbird which started several months ago that’s now taking its toll. The Hummingbird update, like any other Google update’s purpose, was to give searchers the best results in their questions. Since it’s new for SEO’s, it could be like the ‘sword of Damocles’. While everyone is trying hard to figure out what will the Hummingbird do, the concept of quality content has never been ridden out by specialists. Eventhough SEO’s are submitted to change, several practitioners remain doing what they have been doing while they wait for more physical results. What To Do After The Update? Experts say that there are some tricks that might help you come up in search results. Most appropriate process would be: Comprehend the value of knowledge graph The Knowledge Graph Intro Familiarize and master the semantic search. Hummingbird is a very witty thing. It’s like an intelligent and attractive woman – it’s very sharp! It will not give very shallow results anymore. Moreover, it deeply understands the meaning of the searched  phrase and give back the most appropriate answers. Learn what your market truly wants. Constantly provide best answers to queries in your niche. Not only it will help you minimize percentage of bounce rate but it will also give you good results with the help of Hummingbird algo update. Be the “expert” in your field. Position yourself as a provider of key solutions to the searchers. Know their intent, needs and problems. To broaden your knowledge about the algo update check out the FAQ about Hummingbird post of Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land since he have summarized almost everything about the update there. Need more info about SEO?

James WilsonFebruary 2nd, 2016trying to learn everything I can about seo, doing alot of work myself. My question is submission software is it white or black hat seo. Big companies have to use some kind of software for their customers, I know they are not doing it manually?

White hats drive in the right lane, while the black Lamborghini is getting pulled over and given a ticket for speeding 50 mph over the limit in the fast lane. Granted, it’s quite possible that Lamborghini may never get that ticket as you’re watching it zoom by, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a cop just a few miles up the road waiting with a radar gun.

Grey Hat SEO, on the other hand, is SEO practice that remains “ill-defined” and/or “ill-advised” by search engine published guidelines and which can be disagreeable. In essence, it’s Black masquerading as White. For example, click bait. Click bait refers to a practice where someone posts something like an eye catching link or piece of content that encourages a reader to click and read more.

Whilst it’s better quality than the free spinner, it still has its problems and is something that I wouldn’t be happy appearing on my site. The paid version allows you to check that the content is unique via a Copyscape API, but that won’t overcome the grammatical errors that Google will pick up.

The ensuing results were really scary. Within a few days, my rankings had dropped. I had made sure not to many any other changes to my site outside of removing the obviously spammy links. Turns out, these low-quality links had been HELPING ME, even though it would have been very clear to even a novice SEO that they were of no value to the user. It wasn’t a huge rankings decrease, and I wasn’t de-indexed or anything like that, but it became very clear to me what was going on. This event made me re-realize three important things that still apply today in my experience:

Microsites are no secret. They have been abused in every way imaginable. However, I will say that the most benefit I’ve seen gained from them is splitting them up by niche for local services. For example, a law firm having one site for their divorce services and then another for personal injury. This allows you to focus on specific areas for each site.

CommunityBestFebruary 26th, 2015I love picking up media links. The best way to get them is to be an authority on a subject, and that usually means WRITING posts that illustrate some expertise on the matter. A PR agency is a great way of getting you these types of links – they have the contacts. Legitimate PR is one of the most valuable assets in your link earning strategy.

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