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Spencer Haws September 22, 2014 No. Just deindex the old domains (takes just a minute). Then move content to new domain, it will be “fresh” to Google since it no longer is in their index. This is an extreme measure and don’t plan on doing that at this point. Arthur September 30, 2014 Spencer, I assume when you say to “Just deindex the old domains (takes just a minute)”, you are talking about going to Google Webmaster Tools and using that to deindex your site? Spencer Haws September 30, 2014 That’s correct. Once you click that button, its basically done…Google will remove your site from their index very quickly.


1, 2016 at 3:37 am Excerpts don’t contain links, they strip them out. Full post guarantees the link will be on the homepage, which is where all the power is. Reply

The domains are not all spam-free so you will have to check domains for spam, but they’ve developed some special filters so you don’t waste much time looking through the lists of obviously spammed domains. Josh, the creator of Hammerhead Domains, did a free in-depth tutorial on spam checking, called How to Get Cheap PBN Domains that Actually Help You Rank.

How To Profit From Selling SEO Services Using A PBN | Udemy

If we had a website about umbrellas for example, say, and we had the page which we wanted to rank…

Hanish October 28, 2016 at 5:24 am lolz. Nice I read somewhere, is not to be bothered about indexing, the site will eventually index. may be it wasn’t the correct piece of information. since PBN is primarily based on expired domains – so in that case it must be already index so i mean should we take some extra pains of manually submitting to all places. secondly, i am asking you is to check the outgoing links of the domain for spam too ? Reply

Sandy September 23, 2014 I agree with this. Pinterest and Facebook can be a tremendous source of traffic. It takes down to build site reputation but once you do the traffic is pretty reliable. Sandy September 23, 2014 Oops – It take Time – not “down” lol.


Steve September 23, 2014 Hey Jones   — Sorry to hear about your troubles with PBNs. Google can be extremely frustrating sometimes. But it’s good to see you took a portfolio approach and didn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Long-term, I think the Authority Site looks awesome and shows amazing promise. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how you expand on that idea and build it out. Spencer Haws September 23, 2014 Thanks Steve!

As you can see, all 7 below are pretty bad. This process does take a lot of manual work, the aim is to find 1 or 2 good domains from every run of this process. The better you become at the initial Google search, and picking out the websites to run in Xenu, the more domains you will find.

While you are waiting for your articles to be written, create some of those inspirational quote images, and publish a couple of them – along with a short summary. It would also help to blog about a couple of YouTube videos that are relevant to your niche just to keep everything looking natural.

your comments regarding C-blocks have no basis in fact. There is no analog for what you, or your cited source, cite as “c-blocks” in either classless or classfull IPv4 routing. Stick to SEO and leave the networking to the pro’s.

Both of these are great options, I use niche matching regularly. Purchasing niche relevant domains is definitely the best option, and saves you re-niching. When I’m purchasing new domains now, they are always niche relevant.

Watch, the schematics for creating a viable blog network would now go way under-ground. People are snitching on other sites, and that is one of the quickest and best ways for Google discover them.

For adding fresh content in a way that won’t do that, aside from a small number blog posts you may be able to add while keeping things on the front page. The only real solution is to simply edit and improve old posts, and to create new pages (not posts).


Let’s say worst case scenario, you DO get a manual penalty. Since you have control, you can simply remove the links and the penalty will be revoked.

Everyone is talking about authority sites, I have one that was nuked in just two months with a nasty negative SEO tactics. The Disavow recovery has been slow and very painful. The site contains over 1200 real well researched articles, and yet it went down with some nasty Fiverr links. Google does not care who did it, just who’s going to pay.

To check these domains, we are going to use a tool called Xenu Link Sleuth (download link), it’s completely free to download and use. You need a windows computer or VPS to run it.

WordPress is great for running websites, but needs constant attention and upgrades to avoid hacks, exploits and comment spam sinking your PBN sites. By offering an alternative, HTML based platform we can serve your content faster and offer greater security. Google loves fast sites, and we’ll feed them your links as fast as they can swallow them.

I have one suggestion, I think the javascript solution to hide links from bots (I saw it first on one of Yashar’s post) is actually better especially when you use CDNs! This is crucial because if your page was cached for users and bots access it, they will see your links. Also if it was cached first for ahrefsbot for example, nobody will see the link during the caching duration (even google and bing which is really really bad). I realize that because I am planning to only use cdn to hide my PBNs. Do you thing that is a good idea? So I won’t only use CF but around 5/6 CDN providers (even if not free, it will be cheaper and more importantly management will be much more easy).

What you are doing here is creating a natural linking pattern, not always using the same anchor text. But while being natural, you are still highly relevant to the keywords you are trying to rank for.

Client Private Blog Network Case Study ResultsTake a look at the results our clients have had with our private blog network service-T-Shirt E-commerce StoreThis site had been steadily losing organic Google traffic for the last couple of years before using our private blog network service.Within 6 months of the campaign starting we brought organic traffic & business revenue levels to the best they have been in over 2 years securing 92 keywords in the top 5 positions, 221 in positions 6-10 & 213 in positions 11-20.You can read the full case study here.Pet E-commerce StoreThe client’s website had multiple product pages & main category pages that weren’t appearing in the top 5 page before we built their private blog network.The client has 155 keywords on the top 2 pages, 43 product lines in the top 5 & the traffic of the site has more than doubled.You can read the full case study here.Diet & Weight Loss Niche SiteThis client sells products in the diet & weight loss niche and came to us after getting badly hit with Penguin 2.1 at the end of 2013.After cleaning up their link profile and deploying a private blog network they now get over 500,000 visitors a month from Google & Bing ranking on the 1st page for over 4,000 keywords in the USA.You can read the full case study here.Gambling & Casino Niche SiteThis client was struggling to compete in one of the most competitive industries in SEO. We built a private blog network for them and were able to secure multiple first page rankings for competitive terms.

Fran September 23, 2014 To be fair Luke, customers should know the risks of buying links from any service. Many customers will have reaped the rewards whilst this strategy was working and that’s what they were paying for. If someone wants to play google then they have to be prepared to pay the penalties if and when they’re caught out. Expecting the guys who were helping you them the game they wanted to play, to then issue a refund doesn’t seen very fair. I got in late with guest posts with SEO Link Monster just before it and sites like BMR were taken down. For a short while it worked wonders and we earned some good money form it. However since then the site I was linking to got slapped somewhat. I’ve not been able to bring it back to its former glory. Luckily I had another site that targeted some of the same market that I had not gone all out on with buying links. The lesson I learned then was not to out all your eggs in one basket. Just because you find a strategy that works now, does not mean it will work next week, month or year. If your market is worth it then have a backup site / plan working a different strategy. Ian September 26, 2014 I understand why you would issue refunds Spencer, but I think you should listen to Fran here. Everyone that used Rank Hero should have very clearly understood the risks involved. I’m sure those that used it successfully highly benefited from it during the time that they used it. The same people who are complaining about wanting their money back are going to quit on niche sites and your site most likely anyways. Again, I completely understand why, as a good guy, you would refund people, but the risks were clear and so were the benefits. People chose to pay for a service based off of the benefits. I chose not to spend that much on PBNs because I had a feeling it wouldn’t last… Scott Hammon September 26, 2014 Fran and Ian, I disagree with you both – RankHero was not a service paid for in arrears or on a per usage basis. To charge someone in advance for something that they are now no longer able to use (because the domains are unavailable) would necessitate a refund. Just basic business. I agree though if customers were clamoring for refunds of all of the previous months that they paid for/benefited from – yeah, that’s not reasonable in the least.

Cam January 8, 2015 at 10:02 am Hey Bob, This blog is amazing, I’m going to go through and read all of your posts. You’re doing a great job. Just thought I’d let you know that ive tried to get two activation emails from the site and they’ve both gone to spam. My email provider is gmail. You should be able to run your emails through an online program to tell you which keywords are triggering the spam filter. cheers! Reply

Ray September 23, 2014 Like I said before, it’s practically impossible for Google to see and know everything online without the massive help from webmaster reporting sites that outrank them. Watch, the schematics for creating a viable blog network would now go way under-ground. People are snitching on other sites, and that is one of the quickest and best ways for Google discover them. Matt September 23, 2014 Yeah, it’s like Youtube mass flagging war that is going on. Instead of learning from sites that are dominating SERPs, people rather snitch on them and cry to Google. They most likely expect Google to send them a reply with “Thanks for letting us know. As a reward, we will get you the number 1 spot because you are a good guy”. I believe PBNs will work for ever, but they have to better and better. They require much more money investments than ever, so less and less people will use them. rr September 23, 2014 uep. I believe I was snitched on. I wrote tue contnent and got accused it was scraped by gg. the manual review is a joke. they looked at one link and tarnished 50 pages wven when that.offending link was removed they never review the entire site but penalise the entire site. I think people are snitching is right. I see some sites that are 5 ads of adsense.. a few lines of content etc just bs and they keep running or a popup like forbes mag runs with an adsense ad in it. how is this? google is trying to kill bloggers.. and a game where people with money for sites will win for employing writers etc Spencer Haws September 23, 2014 Exactly. The cost of starting and maintaining a quality PBN is now basically at the same cost of just getting natural links. If the cost is the same, why not just get the links google wants you to get anyway?


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